A woman sniffing a glass of white wine

Agronomy Farm Vineyard


A scientist and an engineer, Corey and Marissa O’Connor have spent the past 15 years working for large corporations. Their dream of opening a farm and vineyard is the result of their interest in science and technology but is also fueled by their desire to expand on the “cube” and corporate life and take a more hands on approach to what it means to work. The idea came about as a result of their desire to make quality craft goods on their own property and to create a place where people could have an experience bringing nature, friends, and high quality handcrafted goods together.

Having a full commercial maple syrup production facility aligned perfectly with the vision of Agronomy Farm Vineyard. making 100% pure maple syrup from 33 acres of forest on the property. The result is sweet goodness.


338 Ware Corner Road
Oakham, MA 01068


Agronomy Farm Vineyard