Mass Motion Dance


Mass Motion Dance (MMD) was founded in Sturbridge, Massachusetts in 1983, under the direction of Terri Gordon, MMD has proven its excellence in dance training. Ms. Gordon, a former member of the Boston Ballet Company and Tanz Forum, the modern dance company of Cologne, Germany, is passionate and driven to develop each student’s technique to its highest level. In 2003, MMD proudly announced the opening of the Boston studio under the direction of Irada Djelassi. In 2017, MMD Metro West opened its doors in Medfield, MA under the direction and ownership of Irada Djelassi and Alexis Stansky Murphy.

At Mass Motion Dance we place our goals, values and focus on the art of dance and all that it offers the dance student.  The arts offer us, as a community, the opportunity for expression and a unique insight into the beauty of the world around us. Dancer is one of the more challenging of the arts as it involves our total physical and mental commitment, and challenges us in a way that is both exhilarating and exhausting. Meeting these demands teaches the dance student many lessons and leads them down a path of self-discovery.


559 Main Street
Sturbridge, MA 01566

508- 347-2332


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