Hardwick Winery


Hardwick Vineyard and Winery is located on a quiet country road that winds around the Quabbin Reservoir in the central Massachusetts town of Hardwick. For more than a decade, the Samek family drove down this road with their eyes on the abandoned Giles E. Warner mansion, built in 1795, watching it deteriorate. They dreamed of starting a vineyard and winery and saw potential in the two-hundred-year-old house, built while George Washington was president. In 1997, the family bought the house and its 150 acres of land and began the painstaking process of authentically restoring it.

Now celebrating its twenty-sixth year, the family is proudly operated by founder John Samek. The Samek family invites you to visit the farm, vineyard and winery. Whether you come for a wine tasting or a wedding, whether you stay for an hour or overnight, you are encouraged to enjoy the house and its history, as well as the vineyard, gardens and mountain vistas.


3305 Greenwich Road
Hardwick, MA 01082



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