A Q&A With Lake Road Living

July 2, 2024

No vacation is complete without a successful shopping trip. Next time you’re in town, be sure to stop by Lake Road Living, located in the historic Lincoln House. Lake Road Living offers a carefully curated collection of premier clothing, handmade jewelry, candles, body care products, home goods, florals and more. Keep reading to find out what owner Paula Browne has to say about this charming boutique.

Q: Can you tell us about the inspiration behind Lake Road Living and how it came to be?

A: Lake Road Living came to be from my vision for a premier clothing and lifestyle boutique for the Sturbridge area that offers local women, and the many visitors to our area, stylish clothing that is classic and affordable. I wanted to encompass the New England way of life and curate clothing styles that best fit the needs of all seasons. We also wanted to include talented women in our community to showcase their handmade jewelry, candles and body care products.

Q: How do you curate your collection, and what makes it unique compared to other clothing stores?

We attend local clothing shows and events primarily focused on New England to provide our customers with curated styles that suit their lifestyles. We specifically look for versatile, classic items that will appeal to a diverse age group. We also carry jewelry from local female artisans.

Q: For those planning to visit Sturbridge, why should Lake Road Living be on their must-visit list?

Lake Road Living is a must-see lifestyle boutique. We acquired a local home décor shop and have combined our lifestyle clothing with beautiful home décor and custom florals. We have a floral designer on staff who creates custom floral arrangements and wreaths. Lake Road Living is located minutes from Old Sturbridge Village. We are also next door to the popular Sawdust Coffee House. We change our products according to the season so we always have new items in the shop. Fall and the holidays are especially magical to see!

Q: What is your mission?

Our mission at Lake Road Living is to offer exceptional customer service and quality products in a beautiful setting that will create lasting memories for our customers and all who walk through our shop.

Q: What does being a part of the Sturbridge community mean to you?

Sturbridge is home to so much history and strong, creative women who all support each other. All the local business owners check in on each other, shop with and promote one another. We have a community-over-competition attitude. We are grateful and lucky to have our shop located in the historic Lincoln House and close to Old Sturbridge Village!

Q: What are your favorite places to visit or things to do in Sturbridge when you’re not at the store?

There are almost too many to mention, but some of our favorites are: Old Sturbridge Village, Sawdust Coffee House, Oakholm Brewery and Farm, Sadie Green’s Curiosity Shop and Avellino’s Restaurant.

Lake Road Living is happy to serve its community and is thrilled when guests visit and walk through their door. Be sure to add a stop at Lake Road Living to your next visit. Click here to learn more!