A Q&A With Deep Roots Distillery

June 2, 2024

In the heart of Sturbridge, a unique blend of craftsmanship and community spirit bubbles away at Deep Roots Distillery. Born from a pandemic-sparked curiosity and a passion for local, handcrafted products, this distillery has quickly become a hub for those seeking a fun and unique experience. In this Q&A, we sit down with owner Errica Devarenne to learn more about the area’s only distillery.

Q: How long has Deep Roots Distillery been in business? What is the story behind the company?

A: We opened our doors in October of 2022 after about a year of renovations. Deep Roots USA was originally a woodworking company that Tom and I started in 2020. During the pandemic, Errica was working from home and saw something on TV about master distillers. She became interested in the science behind distilling and wanted to visit a distillery out in person. Errica did some research and discovered that there weren’t any in the area at the time. She spoke to Keith and Tom about starting a distillery themselves. They bought a small pot still and slowly learned how to distill. Once we had a product that we thought was a little different than others on the market, we opened our doors.

Q: What can visitors expect when they visit Deep Roots Distillery?

A: When people come to the distillery, they will instantly be invited into the vibe we created by bringing much of the mill back to its original state. With handcrafted cocktails and farm-to-table food, it’s so easy to get lost in conversation and relax there. The distillery is great for date nights, girls’ or guys’ nights out, and we even have family-friendly options.

Q: What are some of the most popular things on the menu?

We do change up our menus seasonally but so far, the smoked old-fashioned is the most popular cocktail. As soon as one cocktail goes to a table everyone starts to smell or see the smoke then everyone wants one. The Stromboli specials are our most popular dish on the menu. Each week my father comes in to make them for us.

Q: What is your mission?

Our mission is and always will be supporting local and USA-made products as much as possible. We take pride in being deeply rooted in our community.

Q: Is there anything exciting coming up in the future?

We are currently making a mobile axe-throwing trailer that we can bring to parties and events to give people a taste of the fun that can be had in our Into the Grain axe room located at the distillery.

Q: What does being a part of the Sturbridge community mean to you?

Becoming a popular spot with such great people and things to do in town has been amazing. We have made amazing connections with the people who come to the distillery, it makes us proud to call Sturbridge home.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Many people don’t realize we are a mash-to-bottle distillery. From start to finish we produce everything in-house. We will never buy other people’s products in bulk and call them our own. We just partnered with a local chef Adam Popp who will be doing farm-to-table sit-down meals in the near future.

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