Altruist Brewing Co.

A Q&A With Altruist Brewing Company

March 1, 2024

Located inside a beautifully renovated historic mill that overlooks the Quinebaug River, Altruist Brewing Company is an essential stop on any Sturbridge getaway. The brewery serves up a delicious variety of beer styles and has fun events every week.

We spoke with Shelby Fey, co-owner of Altruist Brewing Company to learn more about how the brewery got its start and what you can expect when you visit.

Q: How long has Altruist Brewing Company been in business? What is the story behind the brewery?

A: We just celebrated our 6th anniversary in January! The brewery started with Head Brewer and Co-Founder Bob Bibxy and his love for home brewing. When he and his wife, Nancy moved to Sturbridge, they began to make neighborhood friends by inviting them over to try one of Bob’s new homebrew recipes. They decided they loved how his beer brought together a community and wanted to expand that community. They found a partner in Bob’s long-time friend, John Mancini, found a commercial spot at the local mill, and got to work. When I say they “got to work” – they put in hours of hard work, sweat, and tears (probably more than they care to admit)- to transform this dirt floor space into everything it is today.

Once opened, Bob started to pass on his love for craft brewing to his son, Cameron, and stepson Jared- who soon became the two main brewers in the taproom. Long story, somewhat short, today the taproom is owned and run by Bob’s son Cameron, his stepson Jared, and Jared’s wife, Shelby.

Q: What can visitors expect when they visit Altruist Brewing Company?

A: We pride ourselves on our environment as well as our wide variety of beer styles. You can expect to be greeted by a welcoming and knowledgeable ‘beertender’, who can help you navigate the draft menu (if needed) or make any recommendations based on what you typically drink. For those non-beer drinkers, we have a wide variety of beer styles and can often find you a beer that you like, if not we also offer hard kombucha, hard seltzer, beer “cocktails” and a variety of nonalcoholic options so we can ensure there is something for everyone!

Q: What kinds of special events does Altruist Brewing Company offer?

A: We offer trivia every Thursday and live music every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Altruist Brewing also has an open mic night on the first Wednesday of every month and music bingo on the last Wednesday of every month.

Q: Is there anything exciting coming up in the future?

A: We do have some exciting events coming up, including the release of two new beers—our 2024 Pink Boots Brew, a brew that the girls of the brewery came together to create and our “Pave the Way” German-style hefeweizen brewed with lemon zest that showcases and supports other local women-owned businesses.

Q: What does being a part of the Sturbridge community mean to you?

A: We love this community & the way they have supported us all these years. We try to give back to local charities as much as possible as well as keep our food as local as possible.

We currently work with local businesses such as Tutti Quanti Italian Market & Francesco’s Italian Bakery.

Be sure to check out one of Altruist Brewing Company’s exciting events the next time you visit! Or just stop in to enjoy quality beer, delicious local food and a fun time. Whether you’re a beer enthusiast or simply looking for a warm, welcoming place to unwind, Altruist Brewing Company promises an experience that’s as refreshing as their brews.