A Q&A Spotlight With Sadie Green’s Curiosity Shop

December 19, 2023

You can’t leave Sturbridge without making a stop at Sadie Green’s Curiosity Shop. The local spot sells an eclectic range of gifts, jewelry, greeting cards and more.  

We sat down with Jasmine, one of the owners of Sadie Green’s Curiosity Shop and learned more about the history of the business and all that it offers today.  

Q: What is the story behind Sadie Green’s Curiosity Shop? 

A: Sadie Green’s opened its doors in the late ’70s in Provincetown on Cape Cod. My mom, Laurie Boniface, purchased the business, name and all, and started selling vintage clothing and antiques. She always had a passion for collecting and decided to turn that love into a business. Her world changed when I was born in December of 1980. I made it a bit challenging for her to hit the road antiquing and acquire inventory for the store, so she had to shift her business a bit and set up shop making jewelry at our kitchen table. 

She began driving to Providence, often with me in tow, seeking out components to design a collection of jewelry.  Sticking with the antique look, she began to purchase vintage reproduction findings, beads and stones from factories throughout the region. She started to build relationships with others in the business. By doing so she was able to begin creating a collection of jewelry that we still make today. 

Q: What can visitors expect when they visit Sadie Green’s? 

A: Sadie Green’s has thousands of designs that include bracelets, earrings, necklaces and brooches. Our studio is in Southbridge, Massachusetts and we ship our jewelry primarily to small boutiques all over the country.  Over the years we have expanded our offerings to include sterling silver and Mexican-made collections. We had to adapt to compete in the ever-changing global market.  

Q: What does being a part of the Sturbridge community mean to you? 

A: As time went on, my mom decided it would be fun to open a brick-and-mortar store, and having grown up in Sturbridge she knew that it was the place to make it happen. She found a location adjacent to the Publick House 34 years ago and we still reside there today. The Sturbridge community has always been extremely supportive, generous and kind to us. We wouldn’t still be in business without our loyal locals, top-notch staff, as well as tourists that visit our quaint town from all over the world. It truly takes a village to run a business and we are fortunate to have support from other businesses in our community as well. 

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add? 

A: I started working with my mom almost 20 years ago and we truly love what we do. Hearing our customers tell us how much they enjoy visiting our store never gets old. Our store is an eclectic mix of gifts, jewelry, children’s items, greeting cards, clothing, gourmet food products, books, incense and so much more from all over the world. My mom and I work hard to find good quality, reasonably priced items in hopes that anyone who pays us a visit will find the perfect gift or treasured item for themselves. From the outside, I would say it’s a bit deceiving as it doesn’t look very big, but once you enter you will find room after room of curated collections and curiosities that we hope will keep you coming back time and time again. We are always changing displays and sourcing new products so you very rarely will have the same experience twice. We have a large collection of greeting cards for virtually every occasion and many of our customers stock up regularly.  

Our other location, Sadie Green’s Junque and Jewels, located at 320 Main Street is about a ½ mile up the street. This store is also an eclectic mix but has a slightly different feel. You will find a wide variety of antiques, vintage clothing, crystals, plants, gently used items, home décor and so much more.   My mom runs this location and she’s always ready to chat with customers and give you a great deal. 

We hope to keep our business going for many years to come and we know that the support from our community is an integral part of making that happen. 


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